Sunday, September 26, 2010

Faeries in Charleston

Faery Tale was a Charleston magazine Editor's Pick! It's a gorgeous magazine, but for any who live far beyond the marshy shores of the Lowcountry, I've posted it here, with huge thanks to Jacqui Calloway for the lovely review.

Finished books should be arriving in stores in the next three weeks here in the United States!

It looks like the UK edition will go on sale in June 2011, just in time for my visit with John, Wol, Paul, Huw, Big John and crew on the Isle of Man.

EDITOR’S PICK: Faery Tale, by Signe Pike
"Lowcountry newcomer signe Pike’s travel memoir will make readers want to hand in their two-weeks notice and head to the UK for a cup of elder-berry tea and some good lore. as the book begins, Pike decides that she’s had enough of adulthood disenchantment and wants to recover her child-hood belief in magic. so she waves goodbye to the Big apple and hello to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Mexico, where she does some serious research, interviews faery-savvy folk, visits sacred moors and stone circles,
and makes a few good pals along the way.

A former book editor and a fantastic writer, Pike is hilarious, easy to identify with, and honest enough to
admit that sleeping alone surrounded by spiteful aluxes (the fabled trolls inhabiting Mexico) is downright terrifying. Reading about her bumming around the world for a couple months, you’ll envy her, of course, but you’ll also start to believe that her faery encounters could be the real deal. For the record,
I’m beginning to wonder...."
—Jacqui Calloway, Charleston magazine

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Faery Website...

After weeks of slaving, the book website has finally arrived. Slaving on the part of the fantastic Rachel Estrada-Ryan, that is, web designer extraordinaire of her company Both is Better LLC.

Visit the website for tour dates, reviews, and more excitingly... to view trip photos and the evidence collected on my enchanted sojourn to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

With faery special wishes,