Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Poem from Darryl Price

Darryl Price is a reader and poet who contacted me, and we had a lovely correspondence... the week of Thanksgiving he sent me this lovely poem inspired by my book, which I received while on the beach of Caper's Island with my sister, harvesting oysters.

It made my day, and with his permission, I'd love to share it here:

Colored Orbs Floating Above Grass
by Darryl Price

"We all shine on."--John Lennon
 for Signe
We find there are still a great many good
witches all down the western leys who will
come and wash their rings in the chalice fed 
springs at Glastonbury,mirroring the
bright lights living there who shine with their own
softly sensuous humming, to purify
their own reasons for caring, helping
to continue the dance we're sending on
its merry sparkling spiraling way home
again.Just knowing this makes us come alive
with possibilities for fresh poetries
within the many tired old stairways.
I know those rings are out there pulsing
off those fingers right now like palmtree fireworks
just waiting to crackle and burst forth
a most colorful just treatment for one
and all used to defend the path of
spirit with compassion's brave kindness. 

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