Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sacred Sights Guide Peter Knight

I hope everyone is having a beautiful 2013! I'm sitting in my sunroom as I type this with Lucy and Willoughby lounging nearby, sunshine, blue skies and all the windows open. "Winter" in South Carolina is my favorite time of year.

Many of you who read Faery Tale write sharing your wishes to take your own adventure. To that I say, please do it, do it, do it! No matter where you go, if you set out with clear intentions and an open heart, adventure and transformation are guaranteed to find you. Some of you have also written wondering if I'll be leading any more retreats - I loved planning the retreat we ran in 2011, but I'm taking some time to focus on my writing and as much as I would love any excuse to travel Europe with inspiring people, I've got to buckle down and get my new manuscript done!

Return to Faery Retreat, June 2011
To that end, I promised some of you that came to the Faery Lunch in Ithaca this Christmas that I would post information on Peter Knight. If you're drawn to any of the sites in England, Peter is available for tours. (You'll find his rates are quite reasonable.) Those of you who came on the magical "Return to Faery" retreat with myself and Raven can attest to the contribution Peter and his vast knowledge on things both ancient and mystical added to our trip. He took us on a tour of Glastonbury that included Glastonbury Tor, Wearyall Hill, Glastonbury Abbey and the Chalice Well, and we also traveled with him to Stone Henge and Avebury, stopping off to see the Uffington White Horse

(This video of Peter discussing scones and the mysteries of Silbury Hill brings me right back to that fabulous trip.) 

The Uffington White Horse
The Merlin Stone, Avebury

I hope if you plan a trip to England, you'll consider contacting Peter. He surely knows a heck of a lot more ancient sites than I could hope to learn in a lifetime - You'll be in the best of hands. 

To contact Peter, visit his website:
You can also join him on Facebook: 

(To read more about Silbury Hill, click here to check out this article from The Guardian

(To see more pictures from our Return to Faery Retreat, click here) I haven't yet had a chance to caption them all, but will be working on that! 
West Kennet Long Barrow
Peter Knight of Stone Seeker Tours

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