Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Things We Write to our New Born Nieces

Dear Chicken:

We spent the mornings together, just you and me, listening to Greg Brown and rocking in the chair. I couldn't believe how tiny you are, or how much I adore to hold you. I wore you in the Mobi wrap all over Seattle and you slept on my chest as we shopped and your mommy got a pedicure. On the night before I had to leave, I took you outside to look at the moon. Lughnasa. An ancient Celtic celebration and your Auntie writes and reads a lot about them. Well, Lughnasa is August 1st, and it's a festival held to honor Lugh the Long Hand, the Celtic All-Father, the God of Light. So there we were, you and me and the big moon on the night before an ancient festival and it felt so magical.
I held you to me and wished for the best things for you, forever and always. These words might feel meaningless. I understand. It's hard for me to imagine that any relation I have or had could love me the way in which I love you. All of my good hopes and dreams, I sent them to the moon on behalf of you and I asked that your life be blessed. (And Auntie Signe thinks the word 'blessed' is rather cheesy and over-used, so this is really saying something.)

Don't be afraid to take a leap when your heart is unhappy.
If you're following your gut instincts, the world will support you. This, I know.

Be kind.
Learn to nurture yourself, and then others.
Face your fears, but only when you are ready- we all have our own sense of timing, you know.
Know that here or away, We all love you simply because you are you.

You are part of us, and we are a part of you.
We are family, and we can't wait to know you... as soon as you can focus your gaze on us.

I love you, Chicken.

Auntie Signe xoxo