Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dreaming of My Father

When I dream about my father, gone now four years and nearly five months to the day, I wake up forgetting sometimes, that he is still gone. Four and a half years seems like a moment ago. People always say that, and I would agree that it's true.

When I dream about Dad we sometimes end up at a waterfall that is all the waterfalls in Ithaca, put together. Their bits and pieces and personalities blended into a whole that I think must somehow be the Divine Gorge. It is, at one end, far away in the countryside. And at the other, it is nestled in the steep hills of College Town. I wake up feeling fresh and cold, like I have just gone for a swim. Like I have really just seen his face, or heard his voice, or smelled the clean spicy smell of his favorite T-shirt. Because the waterfall is perfect.
And I wonder if it is his.

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  1. Thanks Sig for making me cry at work... Seriously, beautiful. I've never had any doubt that angels do exist, and they are constantly around us. My Mom feels the same rush of emotions when she dreams of her dad (gone 11 years now), and she swears its his way of visiting her and letting her know he loves her. I truly believe this is what your dreams of the Divine Gorge are. I'm happy you get to experience it.