Thursday, February 03, 2011

A RETURN TO FAERY: Experience the Enchantment of Ancient England with Me and Raven Keyes!

This has been months and months of planning in the works. Finally, Raven and I are thrilled to announce that we'll be taking a group of nine seekers to Glastonbury, England this summer for one hell of a tour. And yes, I'll be making your breakfast. Click on the flyer to enlarge/see more details. 


  1. Sounds enchanting. I will be with you in spirit (and watching your blog, of course.)

  2. ooh...wish I could go. But I will be 'hopfully buiding a house! Maybe next year?

    Also, I would like to say I just read your book. It was great. I couldn't put it down. I would absolutely love to see a faery.

    Have you heard of the Fairy and Human Congress held in WA state? I have yet to make it to that either.

    Best wishes and happy travels,
    Lynne Smith
    Port Orchard, WA

  3. Thanks, Judy!

    Lynne --Very exciting news about the house, -- I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. I have in fact, heard of the Fairy and Human Congress -- I couldn't help but think about the invisible faery "parliment" I might have stumbled upon in the sand dunes of Findhorn... I bet there are some of the same attendees at both!

  4. I JUST finished reading "Faery Tale" last night. I am so happy to have found this book and will be sharing it with anyone I can chase down. Oh, I truly hope that the trip you both are planning goes so well that you can do it again next year when I will be in a place where I can join in. Best wishes!!

  5. Dear Secondchants -- Thank you so much. Your note warmed the cochles of my heart.